My KISS Linux repo for software I use on my computers.
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README (1202B)

      1 # kiss-stj
      3 A KISS Linux repository for packages I use on my systems.
      5 Packages are provided for reference and with no guarantees. Wherever a
      6 `configure` script is called, I've also included a $KISS_CONFIGURE variable
      7 that allows people to hook into the configure process without changing the
      8 packaging scripts, e.g. when cross-compiling.
     10 ## How to Use
     12 Clone this repo and add the relevant subfolders to your $KISS_PATH. This
     13 repo is intended to be used in conjunction with the
     14 [kiss-community/community](
     15 repo, and occasionally others such as [mmatongo/kiss-lang](
     16 Thanks, all you wonderful KISS folks for sharing your work in public repos!
     18 On the whole I only rely on other repos for dependencies so it does not
     19 matter whether this repo comes before or after the others.
     21 ## Known Issues
     23 I expect some of the dependencies aren't listed because they were already
     24 installed on my system. I also haven't been 100% clear on differentiating
     25 build from runtime dependencies. That said, if something doesn't build then
     26 the dependency should be available from the community repo so you can just
     27 install it and try again.