My KISS Linux repo for software I use on my computers.
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Date:   Mon, 27 Jun 2022 07:19:46 -0400

Update readme with instructions on how to use this repo

The order of repos matters now that I've got alternate versions
of packages in the community and even the official repo. I've added
some notes explaining which packages this affects.

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -7,6 +7,34 @@ Packages are provided for reference and with no guarantees. Wherever a that allows people to hook into the configure process without changing the packaging scripts, e.g. when cross-compiling. +## How to Use + +Clone this repo and add the relevant subfolders to your $KISS_PATH. This +repo is intended to be used in conjunction with the +[kiss-community/community]( +repo, and occasionally others such as [mmatongo/kiss-lang]( +Thanks, all you wonderful KISS folks for sharing your work in public repos! + +On the whole I only rely on other repos for dependencies so it does not +matter whether this repo comes before or after the others. Some exceptions +are: + +- sbase and ubase + + I've forked these from the community repo for my own tweaks. By and + large the community versions are preferable, but if you want to use + my versions then kiss-stj should come before the community repo. + +- fwupd + + fwupd relies on the following common packages being built with + introspection support: freetype-harfbuzz (kisslinux/repo), json-glib + (kiss-community/community), pango (kisslinux/repo), and protobuf-c + (kiss-community/community). If you intend to use fwupd, you must place + this repo *before* the others in your $KISS_PATH, preferably when you're + first installing KISS. Otherwise I expect you can remove the existing + packages and reinstall them from this repo. + ## Known Issues I expect some of the dependencies aren't listed because they were already