My KISS Linux repo for software I use on my computers.
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2022-06-26 21:52fwupd: Enable the flashrom pluginSt John Karp2+3-0
2022-06-26 21:32libftdi1: Add package at version 1.5St John Karp5+13-0
2022-06-26 20:58coreboot-configurator: Add package at version 8St John Karp6+71-0
2022-06-26 20:56fwupd: Split package into fwupd and fwupd-efiSt John Karp5+11-0
2022-06-26 16:55fwupd: Add package at version 1.7.8St John Karp5+35-0
2022-06-26 16:41json-glib: Enable introspectionSt John Karp2+2-1
2022-06-26 16:39json-glib: Fork package from kiss-community/communitySt John Karp5+19-0
2022-06-26 16:33protobuf-c: Don't disable protoc in the build scriptSt John Karp1+1-2
2022-06-26 16:31protobuf-c: Fork package from kiss-community/communitySt John Karp5+13-0
2022-06-26 16:15gettext-tiny: Add package at version 0.3.2St John Karp4+7-0
2022-06-26 16:15libgudev: Add package at version 237St John Karp5+17-0
2022-06-26 14:59nvramtool: Add package at coreboot version 4.17St John Karp4+18-0
2022-06-26 13:40pygobject: Add package at version 3.42.1St John Karp5+8-0
2022-06-26 13:40pycairo: Add package at version 1.21.0St John Karp4+6-0
2022-06-26 13:39gobject-introspection: Add package at version 1.72.0St John Karp5+13-0
2022-06-26 13:39gcab: Add package at version 1.4St John Karp5+11-0
2022-06-26 12:55pango: Build with introspection supportSt John Karp2+2-1
2022-06-26 12:54pango: Fork package from kiss-community/repoSt John Karp7+304-0
2022-06-26 12:47freetype-harfbuzz: Build harfbuzz with introspection supportSt John Karp2+4-1
2022-06-26 12:43freetype-harfbuzz: Fork package from kiss-community/repoSt John Karp6+114-0
2022-06-26 11:49gnu-efi: Add package at version 3.0.14St John Karp5+57-0
2022-06-23 10:17svc: Don't use a path with both a variable and an asteriskSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-19 18:10brlaser: Add new package from the git master branchSt John Karp4+9-0
2022-06-19 14:47pinentry-bemenu: Add new package at version 0.11.0St John Karp5+13-0
2022-06-19 14:30i3status: Remove bogus path variableSt John Karp1+0-1
2022-06-18 21:30smartypants: Add package at version 1.5.1St John Karp5+10-0
2022-06-18 21:15python-markdown: Add package at version 3.3.7St John Karp5+7-0
2022-06-17 09:02purple-discord: Include some extra header paths in build scriptSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-17 09:01purple-discord: Add libqrencode as a dependencySt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-17 01:00libqrencode: Add packageSt John Karp5+13-0
2022-06-16 20:59skypeweb: Add missing dependencies on glib and zlibSt John Karp1+2-0
2022-06-16 20:58skypeweb: Don't set the path to pkg-configSt John Karp1+0-1
2022-06-16 20:54libgnt: Set prefix when calling mesonSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-16 20:53gtk-doc: Add autoconf and automake as build-time dependenciesSt John Karp1+2-0
2022-06-16 20:53gtk-doc: Set prefix when calling autogen.shSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-16 20:42docbook-xml: Remove -v flag from install invocationsSt John Karp1+2-2
2022-06-16 20:41docbook-xsl-stylesheets: Remove -v flag from install invocationsSt John Karp1+3-3
2022-06-16 16:41swi-prolog: Fix prefix passed to cmakeSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-15 19:24wlvncc: Add a bunch of missing dependenciesSt John Karp1+10-0
2022-06-15 19:23i3status: Add missing dependency on alsa-libSt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-15 12:56usbip: Add new packageSt John Karp5+15-0
2022-06-14 15:12svc: Make all available scripts executableSt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-14 14:45pcsc-lite: Disable libusbSt John Karp1+2-1
2022-06-14 13:26wlvncc: Add new packageSt John Karp4+11-0
2022-06-14 13:25libfido2: Set the prefix when configuringSt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-14 13:25libcbor: Set the prefix when configuringSt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-14 13:24sdhcp: Set the prefix when installingSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-14 13:23ccid/pcsc-lite: Fix usbdropdirSt John Karp2+2-1
2022-06-12 12:01Add license and readmeSt John Karp2+691-0
2022-06-10 16:18r5u87x: Add new packageSt John Karp4+10-0
2022-06-10 16:17libusb-compat: Add new packageSt John Karp5+9-0
2022-06-10 16:14opens: Fix pcsc pathSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-10 16:13balrog: Set correct permissionsSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-10 16:08smdev: Manually set permissions on bus/usb nodesSt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-09 15:36ccid: Correct pcsc paths in build scriptSt John Karp1+2-2
2022-06-09 15:36i3status: Set the prefix when buildingSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-09 15:35balrog: Fix build script and sourceSt John Karp2+2-1
2022-06-09 14:21cryptsetup: Remove libuuid as a dependencySt John Karp1+0-1
2022-06-09 14:20i3status: Add bash as a build-time dependencySt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-09 14:20smdev: Set permissions for the contents of the input folderSt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-09 11:42smdev: Fix regex for setting group on tty[0-9]St John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-09 10:39svc: Add some new service scripts. Switch from pidof to pgrep.St John Karp1+7-2
2022-06-07 08:08tlp: Remove the non-standard -m flag for grepSt John Karp1+4-0
2022-06-06 22:15otf-hermit: Fix path when setting permissionsSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-06 22:17net-tools: Add bash as a make dependencySt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-06 22:16nldev: Update service file to check for nldevSt John Karp1+1-1
2022-06-06 18:10otf-hermit: Add package for otf-hermitSt John Karp5+15-0
2022-06-06 14:01balrog: Add balrog packageSt John Karp3+6-0
2022-06-06 13:50netsurf: Remove netsurf packageSt John Karp5+0-29
2022-06-06 13:37tar: Remove tar packageSt John Karp4+0-9
2022-06-06 08:35tlp: Remove incompatible flock flagSt John Karp1+4-0
2022-06-06 08:23svc: Fix missing slash in sed commandSt John Karp1+2-2
2022-06-04 11:18svc: Add service file for seatdSt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-03 18:53smdev: Make all tty* devices readable/writable by the tty groupSt John Karp1+1-0
2022-06-01 18:48pcsc-lite: Set bindir and sbindir when running configureSt John Karp1+2-0
2022-06-01 18:37Initial commitSt John Karp184+759-0